Circe (2020)


For from her is the race of women and female kind: of her is the deadly race and tribe of women who live amongst mortal men to their great trouble — Hesoid on some female Goddesses

Circe 2020

Filmed in Genoa and Bogliasco in May 2019 during a residency at The Bogliasco Foundation. Circe features actors Jessica Weinstein, Matteo Alfonso, Graziano Siressi and Pablo Tornel. Produced, Written and Directed by Lenore Malen (Cameras: Ruppert Bohle, Lenore Malen)

The Story — Adapted from Homer’s Odyssey, Book 10. Circe, a Greek mythological figure, a sorceress, daughter of the Oceanid Nymph Perse and the God Helios, uses herbs and potions to poison the men around her. Preferring the company of animals to human males she transforms these same men into pigs.

In this film and installation Circe’s tale is woven into a dérive, an unplanned journey through the city of Genoa and into the mountains. On the journey Circe is accompanied by three men she befriends at the Aquarium of Genoa while lurking around large tanks of aquatic animals.

The entourage reads aloud while they walk, at first from a screenplay by Gary Indiana on dislocation, lost objects, unfamiliar places. Eventually they turn to Book 10 that they read and re-read, rehearsing for a play while moving through the city.

Circe is a document of a live performance, a comedy and improbable spectacle on the streets of Genoa. It is also a myth in narrative form.