Lenore Malen is a New York based interdisciplinary artist. In 1999 she invented The New Society for Universal Harmony, a fictional re-creation of an l8th century utopian society (http://thenewsociety.org), and ever since she has used the lens of history—and humor—to explore utopian longings, dystopic aftermaths, and the sciences and technologies that inform them.  She works with diverse media in all her projects incorporating live performance, photography, film/video, multi-screen projection, installation and fiction writing.

In 2005 Granary Books, Inc. published her eponymously titled book, “The New Society For Universal Harmony.” Leading up to these projects in the 1990s she organized a lottery at Rotunda Gallery in Brooklyn where winners of the draw were awarded month-long solo shows. Other projects from that period documented New York City history, including Magnetic Map, A Treasure Hunt at Art in General, NY and The Disappearance, a portfolio of staged photographs about the 1822 yellow fever epidemic in New York City. She has exhibited and performed since 2004 on the BBC (Lion TV), at Apex Art, Participant Inc. , Location One, The Slought Foundation and in 2010-2012 at Wave Hill, Tufts University and the Mediations Biennale in Poznan, Poland and in 2019 at the Uppsala Konstmusem, Swseden.  In Spring 2020 she was awarded a grant by the Finnish Cultural Institutes for a project (co-produced with Samir Bhowmik) titled “Where from Here” on the subject of virtuality in a pandemic. Her publications include a collaboration with fiction writer Jonathan Ames in Bomb Magazine, The “New Society For Universal Harmony” published by Granary Books, Inc.  In Jun 2014 she screened new videos at  UCLA’s Art/Sci Center and Digital Research Network and was an invited artist at the 2014 SASE conference
“Welcome To The Anthropocene” Pace University. She delivered a paper at the University of Geneva’s June 2015 conference “Approaching PostHumanism and the PostHuman.” She is an art critic and a former executive editor of the College Art Association’s quarterly publication Art Journal.

Malen received a BA in Art History from Skidmore College, an MA in Art History from the University of Pennsylvania and later studied at the School of Visual Arts with the artist Will Insley while he was working on “OneCity,” a Non Utopian Monumental City.

Malen was awarded a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship and NYFA and NYSCA awards in Interdisciplinary Art. She teaches in the Art/Media/Technology Program at Parsons/The New School, New York.

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