Eve in Sheepland (2018)


Trailer — A fairy tale in an anxious time — The final chapter of Scenes from Paradise, Eve  is a dark comedy in 9 short scenes.  It was filmed as a live, unscripted performance on a sheep farm in New York State. The two characters Eve and Adam, time travelers, find themselves on the farm. Naked and unashamed, befuddled and doomed they interact with the sheep, they learn to be human and they die. Together the scenes reveal the sheep’s bodily sense of vulnerability (and panic) as well as their profound knowledge of earth and death that we humans find too much to bear. 17 minutes.

Installation — Uppsala Konstmuseum Sept. 28 — Nov. 24 2019  http://uppsalakonstmuseum.se/utstallningar/the-non-human-animal–negotiating-bio-relations/