Circe (2019)


Indicazioni is a comedy that tells the story of Circe, the sorceress, a sexual archetype, who plays while she poisons and prefers the company of animals to male humans. Her tale is woven into a derive , an unplanned journey north through the city of Genoa and into the mountains while accompanied by three male actors that she befriends at the local Aquarium, all tourists lurking amid immense tanks of aquatic animals.

Her entourage of actors takes a filmic path, a version of an architectural itinerary. They read aloud while they walk, at first reading from the papers of the writer Gary Indiana on dislocation, lost objects, unfamiliar places. Along the way the papers become a manuscript draft— the Odyssey — also read and reread by the actors as they rehearse while moving through the city.

All these moments are woven into a journey that the writer Elizabeth Grosz describes as a modern, filmic version of an architecture itinerary. The walk is a “physical displacement whose itinerary binds the city voyage to film, human motion through a culturally conceived space.”

Indicazioni may to be viewed of as a document of something that actually happened, a live performance of a rehearsal, on the streets of Genoa and in the hills and mountains above the city. It can also be seen as a representation of the myth in narrative form, It embraces both narrative and documentary styles.