Quarry 2001-15
“What if objects like rock refuse the stillness of being rendered and the on human world makes its own impress, exerts its own force.” JJ Cohen
Filmed in summer 2001 and edited immediately after 9/11.

Directed by Lenore Malen

Cameras: Jordan Wolfson, Ilana Rein
Editors: David Bee, Ruppert Bohle, Lenore Malen
Sound: Dafna Naphtali
Choreography: Renee Rockoff

Quarry was filmed in upstate New York in June 200l, edited in September 2001 and with a final edit in 2012. It was the very first project of The New Society for Universal Harmony.

The most recent screening was at Lesley Heller Gallery Feb. 1— March 4th 2012 in a show that I curated titled The Herd Remorse.