Scenes From Paradise, 2015


Scenes From Paradise, 2015, Ghent, New York

Two characters, Adam and Eve, naked and unashamed, find themselves on a sheep meadow. They learn to be human going about it naively; they interact with the sheep; they die.

This project is the culmination of a decades-long exploration of utopian dreams, touching on the wish for a perfect society and a world without suffering, while knowing the folly of ever attaining such perfection, which is perfectly expressed in the paradox of the biblical earthly utopia Eden.

The world is independent of our minds and has an expressively that is not human and is separate from our experience of it — though human behavior suggests otherwise. We do not live in a human centered world. We only imagine that we do. All my recent work explores this misbelief through narratives in film and video.

With Jessica Weinstein as Eve and Tim Lueke as Adam. Cameras: Jessie English, Eric Feigenbaum and Ilana Rein. Sound: Pete Moses, Production Assistant: Fernando Do Campo, Props and Costumes: Alone Weiss, Ingrid Zhuang
With immense gratitude to Dan Devine and Lawre Stone and their flock. Produced, written, and directed by Lenore Malen & The New Society for Universal Harmony.